"Ready to Pop" Shower Favor: How To

A while ago, a friend of mine threw a darling "Ready to Pop" Shower for another friend of ours. The Pink, Yellow, & Orange color palette played perfectly into the shower theme.  She asked me to bring the banner and the favors. I take no credit for the original idea of the popcorn wrapped up, but I did design the circle and packaging for the favor and this is how easy it is to do!

You will need:
-"Ready to Pop" Shower circles {Available at A Pretty Little Party on Etsy}
-Microwave Popcorn Bags
-Scrapbook paper or wrapping paper in coordinating colors {cut into 10" L x 6" W sections}
-Mini Cupcake liners in coordinating colors
-Ribbon in coordinating colors{cut into 9" strips}
-Tape, Permanent Glue Stick, or Hot Glue Gun

1. Wrap your paper around your popcorn bags. Meeting the ends together on the side that you intend to be the back. Use glue, tape or adhesive. I used small pieces of tape for this part.

2. Wrap your Ribbon around the bags and have the ends meet on the front side.  This way they will hide under the circles.

3. Flatten one of your mini cupcake liners and attach the "Ready to Pop" Circle. I used a glue gun for this.

4. Attach your Circle to the middle, front of your popcorn bag. Again I used the hot glue gun for this. Some of the edges have a tendency to want to pop up on the cupcake liners, so it's very easy to apply a small amount around the edges to keep them tucked down.

5. Voila! Simple as that. You have a darling favor that can be used at any shower!


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